Themes: What are you majoring in?

desert-island-listsForget majoring in chemistry or accounting. We’re here to make it fun.

We decided it would be fun to offer each participant a chance to come up with a creative major if you’re interested in doing so. You can declare now, or as you go through the year.

  • Major is defined by either “all of one creator’s works” or “more than six works by a particular creator or on a specific theme.”
  • Minor is defined as “at least half of a creator’s works or “three or more works by a particular creator or on a specific theme.”

This is like studying in college, but, you know, actually fun. Also, I just want to go around saying stuff like, “Im majoring in V.C. Andrews, with a minor in JJ Abrams.”

Your Major/Minor can mix books and movies, of course, and with subject themes (“Spies”, “China”, “Food”) it probably will. What you Major/Minor in is only limited by your creativity.

If you come up with a cool theme idea, please comment away, leaving your suggestions and playlists for others on the forums.

Note: You’ll find space to declare your Major/Minor on your profile when you fill it out. This can be changed throughout the year by logging in to your profile.

16 responses to Themes: What are you majoring in?

  1. I’m going to major in Margaret Atwood, not that I entertain the notion that I’ll be able to read all of her work, but I do intend to read far more than 6 of her books this year, there’s far too many that I’ve never read and I aim to rectify that error.

  2. Also, a minor in Ursula K. Leguin & Neil Stephenson & Physics.

  3. Jill, yours sound so interesting! I may join you on Atwood- I’ve only read a few and love her. Hadn’t considered that!

  4. The theme of my major is New York City, meaning, books & movies wherein NYC is a major character (not just a coincidental backdrop). That should cover all sort of periods and genres. I’ll minor in Haruki Murakami.

  5. Now that majors are only 6 book, I’m doing several. Finishing Pratchett’s Discworld series will be a double major on its own, but I also intend to read at least six SF novels, and finish the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series. I haven’t decided if my non-fiction reading will be six on one theme or perhaps a taster to find possible majors for next year.

    • I love the idea of choosing Discworld. I might just join you on that.

      • I’ve finished the Discworld novels now - and now I’m reading “The Folklore of Discworld. There are still plenty of short stories and other ancillary books to for me to stay in Discworld for a while. :)

  6. I will be doing major in the works of Phillip K. Dick, and a minor in stories by Neil Gaiman. These will both be towards my fifty books list for now but if I come across any film adaptations of their works that I haven’t seen yet, I’ll watch those as well :)

    Like Stuart was saying though, we could probably get a few majors or minors in if we wanted so if you can think of any related authors, genres or themes then let me know- although I do seem to have a backlogue of books to keep me going for now!

  7. Majoring in award/prize winners and minoring in noir/detective stories.

  8. Majoring in espionage with a minor in running.

  9. Hey folks! I’m majoring in international fiction/ foreign languages and minoring in travel. :)

  10. My major is classics. Already read Pride & Prejudice and the Great Gatsby. Next is the Scarlet Letter and Treasure Island. Maybe Little Women? Who knows. I still haven’t chose my minor though.

  11. Majors: Stephen King, Classics, Nicholas Sparks

    Minors: Shakespeare, music, and “spinoffs” (i.e.Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) :)

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