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    Kathleen Stander

    Greetings ~

    This is my second year participating, and this year, I tell myself, I WILL read 50 books and see 50 movies.

    Look. Last year was a bad year for me personally: my mother died, my aunt died, my uncle died, my daughter had two surgeries and two emergency room visits, my husband had two emergency room visits, and because I quit teaching (seven years short of receiving retirement benefits) there were financial issues to attend to/cry about.

    I did the best I could given I was grieving and depressed and super anxious about every effing thing. In spite of my crappy year, I did read 33 books and watch 40 movies.

    My favorite book? A food memoir called Finding Martha’s Place: My Journey Through Sin, Salvation, and Lots of Soul Food, by Martha Hawkins with Marcus Brotherton ~ Excuse the stupid pun, but I devoured that book. Absolutely loved it and pretty much read it straight through, which isn’t my usual method, as I have ADD and sitting still long enough to finish an entire book is a rare happening. Suckiest book of 2012: A Stolen Life: A Memoir, by Jaycee Dugard ~ Ick, ick, ick. I expected much more reflection from this now woman who survived her years in captivity, years which, really, she could have escaped but chose not to. Stockholm Syndrome keeping her there? Should have been explained, then … .

    Favorite movie of 2012 goes to a Jack Black film called Bernie. So freaking funny and tragic and homespun. A lot of the actors aren’t actors at all; rather, are “real” townspeople talking about the title character who, as it turned out, is a real person now serving time in prison for a crime that seemed sort of necessary. Worst movie of 2012: Magic Mike. I wasted fifteen bucks on a ticket and popcorn to watch muscled half-naked men gyrate on the big screen. Proof that beefcake doesn’t trip my trigger. What is sexier to me is an intellectual sort who writes poetry and drinks good beer.

    I have a blog, whereby I’ll keep track of this year’s challenge: http://kathleenstander.blogspot.com

    Looking forward to sharing my list and critiques and getting great recommendations from others!

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    Hi Kathleen, Nice to “meet” you and welcome back! I’m glad you’re doing it again, and I am *so* sorry to hear about what a challenging year you had last year.  It’s means a lot that in the middle of everything going on you still made time to do this fun endeavor with us, and we’re happy to have you on here.

    I agree with you about Magic Mike! Susie G had recommended Bernie to me recently, so it’s on my list to watch.  Looking forward to your updates and wishing you & your family a happy and healthy year!  - Lilly (Co-Founder)

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