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    Introduce yourself and say hi and link up to where we can find you! If you did last year, tell us how you did!

    The best way to get your intro up is to start up a new topic under the “Community” chain and title it ”name/city” or something similar as the subject line. That way people can say hello and reply back to you!

    (Sorry to few people below, where the instructions weren’t clear. Starting a new topic lets other Overachievers say hello individually, which this chain does not allow. Thanks!)

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    my name is Steve, coming from Luxembourg. Real tiny country in Europe. I tried the challenge last year already and ended up watching 85 movies but failed hard on the books;) I think I only read around 10 not including a few graphic novels. It’s a nice idea though, so I’ll try again. You can check my progress here on my pinterest if you like.


    Have a good one


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    Hi, my name is Inkeri and I live in Finland. I did this challenge last year as well and watched about 70 movies, but ended up reading just 25 books. I love all challenges and this seems to be the perfect one for me since I love reading and movies.

    You can check my progress on my blog My Thought Exactly or add me as a friend and follow my profile.

    Good luck for the challenge!


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    my name is Mel and I live in the UK.

    I am tracking my progress here: 50/50 challenge

    I am very excited about this. Last year I read quite a lot of books, but no idea how many since I did not keep track. I read mostly on my kindle:)


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    Hello, I’m Flora, and I live in Columbia, SC, USA.  I enjoy reading but only got around to reading about 15 books last year.  I hope to do better this year, and this challenge will be fun.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem watching 50 movies.

    I’ll post updates to my blog A Work in Progress as well as here.

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    I am Maggie, I live in Ontario Canada.
    I generally enjoy Supernatural fiction, anything really that has a lot of emotion.
    I am not much of a movie watcher, so I have a feeling I will make it closer to the 50 books then movies. Last year I had great practice, and read 30 books not participating in this challenge.

    Anyways Wish me luck!!!

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    Claire Talbot


    I’m Claire and I am a teen librarian in Rochester, NY.  This is my first year doing the 50/50 challenge.  I learned about it when I bought cool stuff from the artist that designed the logo, and the whole premise of committing to watching 50 movies and 50 books intrigued me!  I am an avid reader, but rarely watch movies, so that part will be a challenge for me.  I am am Goodreads, and plan to track my books there, and do the movies “old school” in a new notebook.  I’m looking forward to hearing about what people are reading and watching!

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    I’m Stuart, a work from home dilettante in Heretaunga, a city on Te Ika a Maui in Aotearoa, and last year I startedfiftyfiftyme in April, and managed to just scrape in, reading my last book with a day to spare.

    This year I’m not going to be writing up all the books and films in my fiftyfiftyme challenge like I did last year, just the ones that leave an impact worth writing about. I’m recording my lists on Google Drive, and on Goodreads for my books.

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    I’m a short story writer, book reviewer, essayist, and poet who’s recent work has appeared in such publications as 100 Word Story,  decomP MagazinE, Gargoyle, Pif, PoetsWest, The Prose-Poem, and elsewhere.  So far this year I’ve read or seen:

    Books: Down the Rabbit Hole (novel) by Juan Pablo Villalobos; The Simple Truth (poems) by Philip Levine; Dear Life (stories) by Alice Munro

    Movies: Zero Dark Thirty; Angels in America; 2001: Space Odyssey (again)

    My goal this year is to read serious (literary) books of all types (poetry, stories, novels, history, science, and philosophy). And while I’ll try to view as many serious films as possible, I suspect they’ll include many guilty pleasures as well.

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    Nilla Fuller

    Hello. I’m from rural Nevada, USA. This is my first year in the challenge and I’m doing it now because my cousin had so much fun with it last year. The reading will be a piece of cake because I read at least one book a week. The movies might be more of a challenge. Maybe weekly movie nights with the kids? We’ll see. I’m hoping to watch a lot of classic movies I have yet to see. Any suggestions would be great!

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    hello, I’m Craig and I’m from Scotland. I followed fifty-fifty with interest last year but didn’t participate: although I did watch at least fifty new films in 2012! I used to be an avid reader when I was young so I’m keen to get back into it and reach the fifty-fifty target this year :)

    I’m tracking my progress here:

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    Monica Gebell

    Hi, I’m Monica, from Upstate NY.  It’s so nifty to see where everyone’s from and I’m excited to see what y’all are reading this year.  Personally, I’m hoping that if I can commit to 50/50 here online, I’ll stick to it-the accountability is in your watchfulness (and partly my conscience!).   I’ll be tracking my progress at  Happy Reading, Happy Viewing, Happy New Year!


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    hi, i’m Soyoung from Madison, Wisconsin. i love to read and discovered this website through a blog, i’m hoping this will be a great way to keep track of what i’m reading and also to hear about what others are reading as well. the movie part will be a challenge for me, but i’m going to give it a go! i’m on goodreads, so i’ll post my reading there, as well as here and on my blog: i’ll post the movies here and on the blog.


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    Lionel Turgeon

    Hello my name is Lionel, and I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’ve always been an avid movie watcher, and just rediscovered reading recently.  I really haven’t read anything since I was in University.  My friend got me to read “way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson, and I was hooked.  I can’t seem to get enough of Fantasy an Sci-fi books.

    I should have no problem getting the movies in, but the reading will be the real challenge, and I will try my hardest.  I’m not much of a blogger, and don’t really know how to set up my page properly, but here it is; I will try rate each movie/book.

    Well good luck to you all.





    Heyy, I’m Kathleen, hailing from Australia. Kinda sort of started this challenge part way through last year and got a substantial way through the books before December ended. So I decided to start with a clean slate this January.

    Follow my progress on my Pintrest

    Wish me luck and good luck to all <3

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