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2014 Welcome, and Introducing +PLUS

January 15, 2022 in Site


Welcome to our third year of Can you believe it? Three years! That means for some of us we’ve booked 100 books and 100 movies since 2011. Ahem, “some of us.” No worries though, as this challenge is about challenging ourselves to consume more than we normally would. A book and a movie per week may seem daunting but we’ve been so happy with the people who have undertaken our challenge. This year we vow to do a better job of connecting people, maintaining the site, and um, achieving our goals. So come to the forums to say “hi” and sign up for another year of the challenge.

We’re still doing majors and minors, we’re still encouraging people to interact with each other, but we’re also adding a new wrinkle for this year. Some Overachievers have already been adding on to their challenges so let’s make it official: fiftyfifty+PLUS, meaning you’re going to try to read fifty books, watch fifty movies, and do fifty of something else. Whoa! Some people have chosen music albums, some people are going for graphic novels, Lilly is doing her +Plus on recipes. Whatever you want! Get creative and tell us what you’re up to. Again, our Twitter is @fiftyfiftyme and email us if you like! Have a great start to 2014!

Things To Do:

  1. Register for the site if you haven’t already. Introduce yourself on the Community topic page if you like!
  2. Sign up for our mailing list, which will be the easiest way for us to communicate with you.
  3. Read, watch, record what you’re consuming and share away (leave a link in the comments below for your blog/Pinterest/etc if you like)! And if you want to guest post on, we’d love it. Just contact us!
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How Did Your 2013 Go?

December 29, 2021 in Site

It’s almost time to turn the page on another year of books and movies…buuuut we should celebrate 2013 first! Please tell us how you did in the comments below — and include links if you got’em to your site or list. We’d love to know how many of you hit 50 books and 50 movies! Lilly and I will report in with our numbers soon as we’re still in super cram mode. Not so secret admission: Neither of us will conquer 50/50 this year. Although maybe a holiday miracle will happen in the next three days. Onward!

Oh, also, if you’re not on our mailing list, get on now and we’ll have 2014 announcements and sign-ups ready and up and running very soon! [Join mailing list]


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Having Sign Up or Login Issues?

January 18, 2022 in Site

Hi all, sorry but I know some people are experiencing sign up issues. The way the system should work is that you just sign in and fill out a few basic questions — not the whole profile — and then two emails should come. An activation email from a box677.bluehost address that might go to your spam folder (please check there), and one from MailChimp confirming your subscription to the email list.

We’ve had problems with the activation email not arriving, so we’ve gone ahead and streamlined it so you should get NO emails. Once you sign up, you should just be logged in and everything should work great. If you have any problems with signing up or activation, please contact us via email or Twitter @fiftyfiftyme.

Also, we turned off SweetCaptcha because we noted that on some browsers, the drag and drop was not working. So no more captchas and that makes signing up even easier!

Running list of issues seen (please comment below if we’ve missed something):

  • If you are signing up with a space in your user name, it automatically puts a hyphen there for login purposes. Example) “apple jacks” becomes “apple-jacks.” That could be the cause of some log in issues.
  • Activation email didn’t arrive to a Google Apps account
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Welcome to 2013!

January 7, 2022 in Site

fiftyfifty-bandwagonWell here we are again.

Happy New Year, everyone! As other people make resolutions to torment themselves with weight loss, saving money, being kinder to others, and other absurd shenanigans that we can’t fully support, we’re back to offer you the only New Year’s resolution you’ll want to keep!

Some of you can’t even fully read this message because your eyes are still sore from participating last year and going through December panic that put you in finals crunch mode. For new Overachievers (that’s totally what we’re calling ourselves this year), read up on the challenge right here! We’re thrilled all of you will be joining us and we hope you’ll like what you find here.

The new and improved site offers:

  • Create your own profile and then check out the profiles of your fellow Overachievers. Say hello to them, track what they’ve read/watched lately, and generally procrastinate.
  • A community forums area for everyone to interact and cheer each other on. We’re super excited about this part of the new site. Go on, introduce yourself!
  • Our new logo, designed by artist Susie Ghahremani of Check out the sticker you can download and post on your personal site.
  • A downloadable sheet to track your reads/views for 2013. (coming soon)

So here’s how you get started for 2013′s challenge:

  1. Sign up here and make your profile. Make it witty and sparkly just like yourself. (Note: The sign up page is only working on the web right now, not on mobile devices! Sorry.)
  2. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This year we want to make bigger than ever. Host movie nights, get a book club together, join us for a happy hour (if you’re in San Diego). But definitely tell your friends about your challenge — they’ll support you and possibly even join you! Trust me, it will be a welcome change of pace from the usual Facebook nonsense.
  3. Start reading and watching. While we’ve been busy setting up the new site, we, your humble founders, have failed to do this. Don’t be us.
  4. BONUS: Pick a Major/Minor, fill out the rest of your profile, stay tuned on our site for updates from other people on the Majors/Minors they’ve put together, suggested “playlists” and so on.

Please stay in touch with us on the site and on Twitter. Let us know what you’re starting with and how you plan to stay motivated. We often repost links to people’s reviews, so please share any posts/reviews you’re particularly proud of.

And we’re off!

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How to Add/Edit Your Profile

January 5, 2022 in How To, Site

There’s a lot more you can put on your profile than just the basics. We didn’t want to slow down the sign up process by bogging it down with too many questions, but we did want to give everyone the chance to showcase what they’ve been reading and watching.

It’s a few simple steps to add additional information to your profile, stuff like your social media accounts and even a way to list what you’ve read/watched in 2013 so far!

  1. After logging in, click on your username again.
  2. That’ll bring you to the front of your profile page. Click on the “Profile” tab and then “Edit”
  3. There are three separate profile areas there: User Info, Websites, 2013 Books/Movies. The first section should be all filled out from your sign up, but throw in all the other stuff too. Any time you wanna update, just “edit” again.

profile_show 3

Remember, you can comma separate out on each blank field. The coolest part about having updated profiles is that you can click on the name of a book or movie and then see the profiles of other Overachievers who’ve read/watched the same thing. Neato right?

If you have any suggestions for other profile questions you’d like to add, please give us a shout!

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Join our mailing list!

January 1, 2022 in Site


As we grow, this is probably the best way to stay updated. We won’t use it to spam you or to send you unnecessary emails. Maybe just once or twice a year to keep you updated as to what is doing. Note: If you’ve signed up for, you’ll receive an email automatically inviting you to join the mailing list.

Thanks and good luck reading/watching!