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Guest: Chapters & Scenes

September 18, 2021 in Guest

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 1.47.31 PM (2)We’re a family of four: dad, mom, and two girls aged 12 and 9 doing the fiftyfifty.me challenge for the first time. Brigette thought she’d feel less guilty about taking time for herself to read if everyone else was participating, so it began. We figured if we each read one book and watched one film each week, we could finish with minimal problems.

Brigette also thought that documenting the whole thing on our blog Chapters & Scenes would be fun, motivating and start conversations with like-minded people. We all enjoyed a new-found joy in our shared love of reading. We would sit around and discuss them at every meal. We even decided to pick one author to share. We chose Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler. Pete read Adverbs, Brigette read Why We Broke Up and the girls read The Series Of Unfortunate Events.

At first, the documenting of our progress through reviews was fun and a novel experiment. We regularly posted things on Facebook and Twitter, made a Pinterest board for everything we read and watched and made playlists for both books and films. But about halfway through the year, everyone started to feel like it was all too much work and not enough fun. Life started to get in the way of both Pete and Brigette’s reading progress and in order to catch up, we spent less and less time as a family and less and less time loving reading books and watching films.

Now, with a really big move on the horizon (read: lots of disruption and stress), we made the decision to reduce our blog posts so that we can spend more time enjoying the challenge. We still intend to meet our goal, but we’re taking the advice on this website and not spending a bunch of time documenting it on a blog.

We have started asking friends and family to guest post so that we can still put content on the blog, but it doesn’t all have to come from us. We’d love to offer our blog as a platform for fellow fiftyfifty.me participants to use when they have that one book or film they just have to shout out to the world about. So far we’ve read a combined 137 books and watched a combined 61 films. Pete’s already realized that he won’t be able to keep this up for another year, so we might just combine our efforts next year.

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