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The Year I Didn’t Scramble

January 28, 2021 in Articles

cat-mirrorToday’s post is about this year. I know 2014 has barely gotten off to a start, but I’m here to tell you, to publicly declare, that in 2014 I will NOT spend December scrambling to accomplish 50/50! I won’t have it!

To that effect, we’re three weeks in to the year and I’ve read two books and am part way through a couple more, and I’ve seen six movies. I’m roaring to go. Before this whole thing started, I would have rolled my eyes if you told me I’d voluntarily see six movies in such a short timespan. And yet, here we are. changes people.

As I start my third year, I’m determined to complete a winning streak. I’m taking a few key points with me on my journey:

1) Value Your Own Time
I still watch long movies or read long books, but if I’m not enjoying it, I put it down. In previous years, I’ve podcasted about “molasses reads”, books that just wouldn’t end. No more. I barely have enough time to relax at the end of the day, so you bet it’s going to be with something I actually enjoy. As the great Sara Nelson said, So Many Books, So Little Time.

2) Get Addicted
I used to read things in the order I felt I was supposed to. Now if I find a topic that interests me, I roll with it. Lately I’ve been obsessed with spy things. The end of saw me watching Skyfall (James Bond) and The Italian Job and other heist movies, and then I continued my spy theme with The Expats, my first book this year. The point is, if you find a topic you like, indulge in it. Fuel the fire. You’ll have fun – and as it turns out, you’ll accomplish more because you’re so stoked on the topic.

3) Try Something New
The more I step out of my comfort zone, the more I find to like. I think part of the stagnation in previous years had to do with me reading the same old same old (which for me is a steady diet of heavy international literary fiction, celebrity trash bios, and chick lit – you can’t say the girl ain’t got range). Lately I’m picking up books I never would have thought to (last year’s poetry bender, for example) and watching documentaries on topics I know nothing about, and I’m feeling smarter by the minute.

Looking forward to hearing how you’re all doing with your, and any 50/50-related resolutions you might have. And since I’m on that spy bender I mentioned before, if you have suggestions, send them my way!

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2014 Welcome, and Introducing +PLUS

January 15, 2022 in Site


Welcome to our third year of Can you believe it? Three years! That means for some of us we’ve booked 100 books and 100 movies since 2011. Ahem, “some of us.” No worries though, as this challenge is about challenging ourselves to consume more than we normally would. A book and a movie per week may seem daunting but we’ve been so happy with the people who have undertaken our challenge. This year we vow to do a better job of connecting people, maintaining the site, and um, achieving our goals. So come to the forums to say “hi” and sign up for another year of the challenge.

We’re still doing majors and minors, we’re still encouraging people to interact with each other, but we’re also adding a new wrinkle for this year. Some Overachievers have already been adding on to their challenges so let’s make it official: fiftyfifty+PLUS, meaning you’re going to try to read fifty books, watch fifty movies, and do fifty of something else. Whoa! Some people have chosen music albums, some people are going for graphic novels, Lilly is doing her +Plus on recipes. Whatever you want! Get creative and tell us what you’re up to. Again, our Twitter is @fiftyfiftyme and email us if you like! Have a great start to 2014!

Things To Do:

  1. Register for the site if you haven’t already. Introduce yourself on the Community topic page if you like!
  2. Sign up for our mailing list, which will be the easiest way for us to communicate with you.
  3. Read, watch, record what you’re consuming and share away (leave a link in the comments below for your blog/Pinterest/etc if you like)! And if you want to guest post on, we’d love it. Just contact us!