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Having Sign Up or Login Issues?

January 18, 2022 in Site

Hi all, sorry but I know some people are experiencing sign up issues. The way the system should work is that you just sign in and fill out a few basic questions — not the whole profile — and then two emails should come. An activation email from a box677.bluehost address that might go to your spam folder (please check there), and one from MailChimp confirming your subscription to the email list.

We’ve had problems with the activation email not arriving, so we’ve gone ahead and streamlined it so you should get NO emails. Once you sign up, you should just be logged in and everything should work great. If you have any problems with signing up or activation, please contact us via email or Twitter @fiftyfiftyme.

Also, we turned off SweetCaptcha because we noted that on some browsers, the drag and drop was not working. So no more captchas and that makes signing up even easier!

Running list of issues seen (please comment below if we’ve missed something):

  • If you are signing up with a space in your user name, it automatically puts a hyphen there for login purposes. Example) “apple jacks” becomes “apple-jacks.” That could be the cause of some log in issues.
  • Activation email didn’t arrive to a Google Apps account

3 responses to Having Sign Up or Login Issues?

  1. Monica Gebell said on January 22, 2022

    I was having trouble last week… will try again tonight when I get a chance! So excited to do this!

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