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Welcome to fiftyfifty.me 2013!

January 7, 2022 in Site

fiftyfifty-bandwagonWell here we are again.

Happy New Year, everyone! As other people make resolutions to torment themselves with weight loss, saving money, being kinder to others, and other absurd shenanigans that we can’t fully support, we’re back to offer you the only New Year’s resolution you’ll want to keep!

Some of you can’t even fully read this message because your eyes are still sore from participating last year and going through December panic that put you in finals crunch mode. For new Overachievers (that’s totally what we’re calling ourselves this year), read up on the fiftyfifty.me challenge right here! We’re thrilled all of you will be joining us and we hope you’ll like what you find here.

The new and improved fiftyfifty.me site offers:

  • Create your own profile and then check out the profiles of your fellow Overachievers. Say hello to them, track what they’ve read/watched lately, and generally procrastinate.
  • A community forums area for everyone to interact and cheer each other on. We’re super excited about this part of the new site. Go on, introduce yourself!
  • Our new logo, designed by artist Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty.com. Check out the fiftyfifty.me sticker you can download and post on your personal site.
  • A downloadable sheet to track your reads/views for 2013. (coming soon)

So here’s how you get started for 2013′s fiftyfifty.me challenge:

  1. Sign up here and make your profile. Make it witty and sparkly just like yourself. (Note: The sign up page is only working on the web right now, not on mobile devices! Sorry.)
  2. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This year we want to make fiftyfifty.me bigger than ever. Host movie nights, get a book club together, join us for a happy hour (if you’re in San Diego). But definitely tell your friends about your challenge — they’ll support you and possibly even join you! Trust me, it will be a welcome change of pace from the usual Facebook nonsense.
  3. Start reading and watching. While we’ve been busy setting up the new fiftyfifty.me site, we, your humble founders, have failed to do this. Don’t be us.
  4. BONUS: Pick a Major/Minor, fill out the rest of your profile, stay tuned on our site for updates from other people on the Majors/Minors they’ve put together, suggested “playlists” and so on.

Please stay in touch with us on the site and on Twitter. Let us know what you’re starting with and how you plan to stay motivated. We often repost links to people’s reviews, so please share any posts/reviews you’re particularly proud of.

And we’re off!

7 responses to Welcome to fiftyfifty.me 2013!

  1. fiftyfifty.me happy hours? yes.

  2. Nina Badzin said on January 10, 2022

    Looking good! Really, the new site is all shiny and glamour for 2013. Love it.

    • Thank you! We’re looking forward to reading some of the Great New Books recommendations this year!

  3. Susan said on January 11, 2022

    The new site looks great, and I’m definitely in again for 2013!

  4. mclicious said on January 12, 2022

    Oooh, fancy! I’m definitely in.

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