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How to Add/Edit Your Profile

January 5, 2022 in How To, Site

There’s a lot more you can put on your profile than just the basics. We didn’t want to slow down the sign up process by bogging it down with too many questions, but we did want to give everyone the chance to showcase what they’ve been reading and watching.

It’s a few simple steps to add additional information to your profile, stuff like your social media accounts and even a way to list what you’ve read/watched in 2013 so far!

  1. After logging in, click on your username again.
  2. That’ll bring you to the front of your profile page. Click on the “Profile” tab and then “Edit”
  3. There are three separate profile areas there: User Info, Websites, 2013 Books/Movies. The first section should be all filled out from your sign up, but throw in all the other stuff too. Any time you wanna update, just “edit” again.

profile_show 3

Remember, you can comma separate out on each blank field. The coolest part about having updated profiles is that you can click on the name of a book or movie and then see the profiles of other Overachievers who’ve read/watched the same thing. Neato right?

If you have any suggestions for other profile questions you’d like to add, please give us a shout!

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