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I'll Have What She's Having

Norah Ephron passed away a few weeks ago and even though I'd never read any of her books, I was a fan of her work. After all, who hasn't seen When Harry Met Sally? While she didn't direct that one, she did write and produce it. Ephron did helm many other movies, including Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, and Julie & Julia. While some might call them sappy, others would call them fantastic romantic comedies. In fact, Harry Met Sally set the standard there didn't it?

I don't need to recap who Norah Ephron is, as there's been a slew of tributes about her. What I did want to share is how wonderful her collection of essays are. Until recently I'd never read her work, even though I knew I would love them. Her smart observations and hilarious voice are right up my alley. If you like Fran Lebowitz and Joan Didion, you'll like Ephron. I whipped through I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman in one sitting and am now actively seeking out her older collections.

  • From Sharp Edges to Sugary Success and Back
  • Seeing Nora Everywhere
  • A Farewell to Nora Ephron, Dish by Dish
  • Nora Knows What to Do (2009)

And if you
find yourself enjoying Ephron, may I recommend Jancee Dunn too? I stumbled upon But Enough About Me: How a Small-Town Girl Went from Shag Carpet to the Red Carpet at a used bookstore years ago and fell in love with Dunn's writing from that moment on.

Also, if you're short on movies and want to get some quality stuff in, may I suggest Nicole Holofcener's work as companion pieces to Ephron? Start with Please Give or Lovely & Amazing. I just wrapped up Walking and Talking and am still percolating on where I think that ranks in Holofcener's oeuvre. Her films are talky and low key, and Catherine Keener, Holofcener's muse, is always fantastic.


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