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It's Valentine's Day. So What?

What? You expected us to post a mushy Valentine's Day love theme? Um...have you met us??

Obviously you're not on a romantic day out because, well, you're over here with us, surfing ye internets and trying to figure out what to do to stay busy. If you're single or alone tonight, chances are you're avoiding public spaces. Because the only thing worse than waiting for takeout Chinese food is waiting for takeout Chinese food behind a snuggly couple. That's fine- we embrace you. You are in a safe space.

So the question is, what should you watch tonight at home?  We have a few ideas for you:

*Blue Valentine
*Fatal Attraction -- an oldie but a goodie!
*Mr. Wrong
*Loveless, by Ramin Serry.  This one's brand new. You might be alone and hating today, but you'll be ahead of the film curve.
*Revolutionary Road (ok, at this point we might be going off the deep end)
*500 Days of Summer

What, having a hater filmfest? There's more where that came from!
Love Stinks! - from Rotten Tomatoes
NBC New York's Anti-Romantic Movie List  

Now if you really want to take it to the hilt, you might want to check out the 25 Worst Romantic Comedies Ever.  Arthur 2: On the Rocks, anyone? No? Well how about The Beautician and the Beast, starring Fran Drescher?  Allow me to quote DIRECTLY from the synopsis of that one:

Joy Miller (Fran Drescher) is a beautician who teaches an evening course in hairstyling at a Brooklyn community college. When a cigarette dropped on a wig leads to a fire...

I completely understand if you've made your decision. I know I have.

We wish you a lovely evening full of snarky Facebook posts, indulging in calories no one will see you consume, and the quiet but comforting knowledge that someone else out there totally gets it.

 *This post was sponsored in part by the emotions of every Alanis song ever.


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