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Guest Post: How have I never seen this?

Courtesy of Cindy | Cindy's 50/50 Challenge | Originally posted 1.15.2012

I watch a fair amount of movies and still I find myself in many conversations about movies that I have not seen. Then comes the look that makes me feel as if I have two heads and the snarky comment, “you haven’t seen that movie?” I’ve grown tired of the look. Sometimes, just for fun, I answer back in the same snarky way, “Did it win an Oscar?” I feel better for a few minutes, they probably don’t.

The 50/50 challenge has got me thinking a little about some of those movies. One genre I plan on spending a little time in is Musicals. Tonight, I watched Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man starring Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth. If anyone in Iowa is reading this, pick up your jaw and hold the sigh. I have no idea how I have never seen this movie. Meredith Wilson’s birthplace is Mason City, Iowa. That is where I am from. I have heard about him and the famous song "76 Trombones" for years and still never watched it.

Now I know what the fuss is about. I loved it. So many songs I have heard snippets from before but I never knew where they came from. Maybe I will visit the Meredith Wilson Museum next time I home visiting. Is there a River City footbridge?


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