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Here's the challenge: commit to reading 50 books and watching 50 movies in the next year! (Find out more...)

The good news is, there are no real rules. We do have a few suggestion though! (Find out more...)

Doing things together is the best isn't it? Come sign up with us and then we can cheer each other on! (Find out more...)

You can win the power of self edification. You can win bragging rights. You can win over your soul mate! Or you could just not win anything. (Find out more...)

Kick the challenge up a notch by picking a themed major and minor for your movies and books. Can we suggest a few? (Find out more...)

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Themes: Major/Minors

We've decided that it would be fun to do some packages, say, committing to watching ten movies from a certain director, or reading ten books from a particular genre. Maybe you'll decide to go with "revolutions" as a theme and design your Fifty Fifty around that. It's up to you!

If you come up with a cool theme idea, comment away, and leave suggestions and playlists for others. Personally I'm going to do a major in Pedro Almodovar movies and a minor in Gabriel García Márquez books!

  • Major as defined by either "all of one creator's works" or "more than ten."
  • Minor defined as "at least half of a creator's works" or "five or more."

This is like studying in college, but you know, actually fun. Also, I just want to go around saying stuff like, "I'm majoring in The Hunger Games series, with a minor in David Fincher."


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