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Here's the challenge: commit to reading 50 books and watching 50 movies in the next year! (Find out more...)

The good news is, there are no real rules. We do have a few suggestion though! (Find out more...)

Doing things together is the best isn't it? Come sign up with us and then we can cheer each other on! (Find out more...)

You can win the power of self edification. You can win bragging rights. You can win over your soul mate! Or you could just not win anything. (Find out more...)

Kick the challenge up a notch by picking a themed major and minor for your movies and books. Can we suggest a few? (Find out more...)

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About Us

Did you know who we were before we challenged you and threw your 2012 cultural life into a frenzy? I mean, there you were, all relaxed going into the holidays and then, next thing you knew it, you’d signed on to read 50 new books and watch 50 movies. You need to know exactly where to point the finger. Allow us to help:

Fifty percent of us is Lilly, a former literary agent gone communications executive. Her hobbies are squinting to make out the titles of what other people are reading, buying people books they will never read, and making lists of what she will read next. The movie part is gonna be hard for her. Lilly does her best reading with a black cup of coffee at 5am when you people aren’t even up yet.

The other fifty percent is Jon, itinerant, writer of young adult and blogging books. When he’s not writing himself, Jon is communing with his computer and trying to find the best ramen around. Jon tends to read in the middle of the night, because that's when he's awake.


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